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Teen Forward

Helping Teens THRIVE Through Adolescence

The teenage years have never been easy. Now, more than ever, teens and tweens need support and resources to guide them through adolescence.

Teen Forward works with tweens and teens ages 11-18 at any point during the adolescent years to get back on course, stay the course, or explore new courses!

Teen Forward is for your tween or teen if they:

  • Are struggling with anxiety
  • Are resistant to change
  • Are in the midst of a significant life event
  • Feel misunderstood, isolated, or alone
  • Spend more time with the bedroom door closed than open
  • Seem to lack direction or goals for the future
  • Are not living up to their potential
  • Are moody or volatile
  • Struggle with social situations
  • Benefit from one-on-one attention
  • Struggle with breaking large tasks down, time management, or organization

Working through Teen Forward’s programs, teens transform unpredictable moods and behaviors, learn to language how they feel, and live into their dreams. Parents simultaneously learn how to communicate with, mentor, and support their teen in a healthy way that results in a calmer, happier home.

Current Programs and Summer Opportunities

Root to Rise

Focus is on supporting the teen in aspects of daily life as well as addressing more challenging issues like anxiety and depression.

Teen Premier

Focus is on anxiety coping techniques, emotion regulation, goal-setting and planning, leadership, and self-worth.

Family Forward

Coaching for the entire family

Girls’ Self-Care Day Camp

June 24-28, 2024