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Wonder if your dreams mean anything?

Begin to See the Meaning in Your Dreams

Dreamtending helps you use your dreams as a way to learn about your deepest self, your desires, your strengths, and make profound change in your personal life, family life, and business.

Let's get started

Do you. . .

Want more intimacy with a partner
Want to communicate better with family and close friends
Feel like something is missing from your life
Worry you’re holding on to negative childhood messaging
Have deep questions about the immediate or far-reaching future

There’s no magic here, no crystal ball. Using a proven method developed by Dr. Stephen Aizenstat, we tap into the deep wisdom and sense of knowing already inside of you.

I’ve worked as a Dreamtender for 5 years, and it’s at the heart of how I work with all of my clients.

Sessions can be done in person or via Zoom (your preference). Connect with me! Your dreams are waiting

Let's get started
Each session includes

  • a private, one-on-one tending of a dream with Myka (via Zoom or in person)
  • specific connections between mind, body, and dream
  • art/journaling/movement practices (accessible to every body)
  • a ritual to integrate the dream into daily life
  • follow up support via email or Voxer

  • Introductory Session: $75
  • Single Session: $150
  • 3-Session Package: $360
  • 6-Session Package: $720

“Dreamtending is like a unique tool for accessing layers of yourself that you aren't consciously aware of, and Myka is a compassionate, warm, wise person to guide you through it”


“I would 100% recommend anyone to go through a session with Myka. She can connect your dreams with what is going on in your life and help bring focus and insight that you might not be seeing.”


“I was surprised by how deep the session got. I had a few real breakthroughs during our conversation and found the session very healing.”