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Supporting teens in aspects of daily life as well as addressing more challenging issues like anxiety and depression

If your teen/tween is struggling with more than just the normal teen load and it’s beginning to overburden them, Root to Rise is here to help. Root to Rise is an 8-week long program designed for great teens and tweens who are, for any of a number of reasons, struggling harder than they need to during adolescence. If your teen is:

  • Moody or withdrawn
  • Struggling with organization, time management, and schoolwork
  • Feeling anxious and struggling with perfectionism
  • Dealing with a life-altering event like a divorce, death, older sibling moving away to college, or a new family member
  • Needing or wanting consistency and routine
  • Benefits from one-on-one support

Root to Rise is the perfect option!

The Root to Rise Program includes:

  • Intake conference with parents
  • Intake conference with teen/tween
  • Customized 8-week plan for your child
  • 14 one-on-one sessions (45-60 min) for teen/tween
  • 2 parent meetings
  • Available to connect with school counselor/therapist/etc.
  • Workbook
  • Text support
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